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 +Recorded to Mk5 module label pks+0010
 +No fringe check due to Ho not being set up yet to disk2file data.
 +Observers: Warren, JD, Brett, Jamie.
 +At 206/2300 discovered wrong receiver was at focus (dual pol X-band instead of S/X).
 +At 206/2300 problem fixed. The data prior to this will have a huge pointing offset and the source would be out of the antenna beam!! Sorry.
 +Tsys measurements are in Kelvin recorded in the FS log like normal IVS experiments from Hobart. No ANTAB file has been generated.
 +PCFS log copied to: 
 +The following errors occurred a few times each hour and we are not familiar with them: \\
 +2010.206.04:44:14.76#matcn#debug: RAT 32000 ? ERROR 7 \\
 +2010.206.04:45:12.64#matcn#debug: SST ? ERROR 7 \\
 +Maybe they come from the formatter. \\
 +Module was subsequently used to record R1441ho data and then sent to Bonn correlator.
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