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-recorded to Mk5 module label pks+0010 71952+Recorded to Mk5 module label pks+0010
-no fringe check+No fringe check due to Ho not being set up yet to disk2file data.
 +Observers: Warren, JD, Brett, Jamie.
-UT 09:57 doy 206 The cdisko recording window on ceduna seems to have UT time that is ahead of the TAC by 10 seconds There is no problem with the fs time.  recording is going fine, so I will leave it as is.  jd+At 206/2300 discovered wrong receiver was at focus (dual pol X-band instead of S/X).
 +At 206/2300 problem fixed. The data prior to this will have a huge pointing offset and the source would be out of the antenna beam!! Sorry.
 +Tsys measurements are in Kelvin recorded in the FS log like normal IVS experiments from Hobart. No ANTAB file has been generated.
 +PCFS log copied to: 
 +The following errors occurred a few times each hour and we are not familiar with them: \\
 +2010.206.04:44:14.76#matcn#debug: RAT 32000 ? ERROR 7 \\
 +2010.206.04:45:12.64#matcn#debug: SST ? ERROR 7 \\
 +Maybe they come from the formatter. \\
 +Module was subsequently used to record R1441ho data and then sent to Bonn correlator.
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