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pcfs machine (hobart) died prior to expt, all sources entered by hand into vdesk. All commands entered on time but odd formatting requirements of vdesk meant some scans did not go to the the correct source.

No clkoff, wth or Tsys measurements logged unfortunately. Approximate clock offset is +12.5 microseconds, Tsys measured before experiment at ~480-500 Jy.

First channel recorded no power - probably caused by SMY01 turning off. Probably linked to Hobart's failure.

Recording RCP

Rx6 and Agilent at 14 GHz.

2nd LOs set to 773 and 783 for Sky frequencies of 8421 and 8431 MHz. No valid data for first channel.

DAS profile HO32_F.PRO. Correct flip test via fauto

Recording to ATNF V016B using cDisko (32 MHz BW, Chans 1,2)

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