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 +Recording to ATNF V011/B1-B7 mounted as /data/xraid1 
 +Sky frequenfies 22316 MHz for LCP/RCP, 2nd LO 481.4 MHz 
 +Observers: shinji horiuch and Team-B/D operation teams 
 +03:51:00 on point with recording 
 07:26-07:29 "Bigbuf level is very low" errors 07:26-07:29 "Bigbuf level is very low" errors
 +13:49:50 schedule terminated to hand 70m over to spacecraft tracking operation
 +Note added on 5 Oct 2011: Log files have been uploaded to ftp incoming area. The tsys files are powermeter outputs scaled with a plausible Tsys value, and error may be up to 20-40 percent. Hope grobal self-cal can correct the error. 
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