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Recording to ATNF V009A.

Agilent set to 14GHz, 16dBm.

Left LO to translator 777.0MHz @ 7.0dBm (top SML in rack 4), Right LO to translator 809.0MHz @ 7.0dBm (12m SML in rack 14).

DAS profile VSOP.PRO

Folly set to XOXX for RCP-only recording.

Recording channels 1→4 @ 16MHz.

Statistics ~17/33/33/17 - good.

Coherence at 841.4MHz, 12dBm on SMY01.

Weather at start of fringe check: 3.7C, 1025.4HPa, humidity 89.6% (light fog), light cloud cover and a light SE breeze at ~5km/h

fmout-gps = 20.4267us

Observers: Claire Hotan, Arwin Kahlon

Fringes to ATCA at 17:29. Offset between left and right LOs very close, which is nice seeing they're running off different time standards!

4 minutes late to start of actual schedule (over ran on fringe check source).

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