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Tied array is 12345, reference antenna is CA04 on W104.

Started recording with correct pols. Changed to reverse pols for fringe testing at 19:15. Changed to normal pols again at 19:21:50.

22:16 UT - Monica showing red on “Elevation IDLE DAC” for CA03 and CA04. Will make note on Skype to see if anyone responds that it is a serious matter (vk)

01:05 UT - ATCA block 27 offline. Stopped recording at 03:53 UT to be reprogrammed by Jamie S. (vk)

14:26 UT and 16:41 UT - The blocks starting at these times (on G345.01+1.80 and G345.00-0.22) seemed to lose ATCA phase coherence. The primary phase cal (J1656-4209) was too weak for an autophase, hence the phasing did not work well. I tried it on some of the alternative phase calibrator sources from AT20G (J170846 and J165355), which helped, but belatedly. Some S/N at ATCA may have been lost.

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