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Recording to CURT V006B

Recording RCP, LCP (confirmed with fringecheck)

Agilent 11.1 GHz

SML01/02 810 MHz or 468/810 (IRCF mode)

Coherence seen with tone of 664.7 MHz

DAS profile VSOP.PRO

Schedule re-drudged - initial version could not be loaded. Re-added procedures and bbc01d calls but this does not appear to have worked reliably.

20:38 UT - JMc's had to adjust something with the LOs? Comment in log says: second frq incorrect previously (vk)

21:02 UT - I've just taken over, and it looks like Cd's IF 1 DAS input level is too low on the maser mode setup (vk)

00:50 UT - Manually changed modes, as Cd did not change mode automatically at 00:45:30 UT (vk)

05:00 UT - Manually changed modes (vk)

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