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NB: Using Ht (ie. 15m antenna as 26m antenna was unavailable) - different clock.

197 / 00:00 - 197 / 12:56 recorded to Mark5 disk-pack HART+519/32000/1024 (1821.6 GiB)

Only started amended schedule (ie. for Ht rather than Hh) at ~5UT ie. missing first 1.5 hours of possible recording. Scan labelled as v499b_ht_no0232 on diskpack is actually scan no0120. No other known problems.

DAS profiles: N/A (Mark 5/DBBC)
Clock offset (station-GPS) = +1.82us
Weather: Clear skies, clouding over slightly at the end.
Observer(s): Jonathan Quick.

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