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ATCA tied array should use antennas 1234 in CATIE (CA01, CA02, CA03 and CA04) - this gives a maximum baseline of 153m.

(maximum baseline corresponds to ~3.6' at 13 cm. The required field of view is less than 1', ~1/4 of the tied array beam)

Default polarisations should be used in CATIE

Use “channels 1 - 8” in disko

Connect DAS1 (2284 MHz centre) and DAS2 (2316 MHz) directly to VSIC1 via the Huygens cable to cavsi1

Please start a new correlator log going for this experiment.

Use one set of 7 x 500 GB drives (please record which ones)

Observing comments
Recording to ATNF V001 B1-B7.

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