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X-raids SWIN V001 AP2

The log from experiment v209b has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Additional experiment notes:

Observer: Jamie McCallum

Observer comments follow:

2007.173.11:49:55.12;“Disparity in systemp temperatures seems real which is odd.

2007.173.11:50:36.74;”Quadrature is out,

2007.173.11:50:58.55;“Feeds are directly. Should be RCP/LCP

2007.173.11:53:43.02;”Agilent set to 7.8 ghz, LO set to 836. Coherence tone is 227.3.

2007.173.11:53:49.61;“System coherent

2007.173.11:57:47.73;”Data will be recorded to SWIN V001 AP2

2007.173.15:09:28.32;“Weather is cold, calm and overcast. No stars visible.

2007.173.15:15:42.30;”System coherent

2007.173.18:06:10.44;“System coherent

2007.173.18:09:59.25;”Weather is cold and overcast with light winds.

2007.173.22:24:09.97;“System coherent

2007.173.22:26:47.59;”Weather is cool, calm & clear.

2007.174.00:43:55.49;“Weather is sunny, calm and clear

2007.174.00:45:30.74;”System coherent but with more phase jitter than previously.

2007.174.00:46:34.79;“Ignore the last comment - coherence checked while systemp was being measured.

2007.174.02:41:51.30;”Weather is sunny, clear and calm

2007.174.02:42:06.34;“System coherent

2007.174.03:02:44.95;”Experiment finished ok.

2007.174.03:02:52.99;“Observer - Jamie McCallum



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