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X-raid disks Swin V001 AP1

The log from experiment v211b has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Observers: Claire Hotan and Jamie Stevens

Observer comments follow:

2007.172.15:06:23.86;“Started experiment v211b okay, but about 2 minutes late

2007.172.15:06:37.06;”More settings: Quad in & Direct

2007.172.15:13:03.72;“Weather: cool, overcast, NW breeze 14km/hr

2007.172.15:39:14.42;”Weather: cool, overcast, NW breeze 12km/hr

2007.172.21:27:09.69;“Weather: mild, clear skies, slight Westerly breeze

2007.172.23:04:05.61;”Weather: mild, clear, sunny, Westerly wind 17km/hr

2007.172.23:04:27.51;“Observer will be Jamie S now :) bye!



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