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v230a Setup:

Description K-band geodesy
Antennas Ho-Hh-Mp-At-Pa-Cd-Sh
Start 175 12:00:00
Stop 175 23:58:40
PI Leonid Petrov
Channel 1 DAS #1 IFP#1-LO 22300 - 22316 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 DAS #1 IFP#1-HI 22316 - 22332 MHz USB RCP
Channel 3 DAS #1 IFP#2-LO 22300 - 22316 MHz USB LCP
Channel 4 DAS #1 IFP#2-HI 22316 - 22332 MHz USB LCP
Channel 5 DAS #2 IFP#1-LO 22524 - 22540 MHz USB RCP
Channel 6 DAS #2 IFP#1-HI 22540 - 22556 MHz USB RCP
Channel 7 DAS #2 IFP#2-LO 22524 - 22540 MHz USB LCP
Channel 8 DAS #2 IFP#2-HI 22540 - 22556 MHz USB LCP
DAS 1 Skyfreq 22316.00 MHz
DAS 2 Skyfreq 22540.00 MHz
Bandwidth 16 MHz
DAS Mode (telescope)



Hobart, Shanghai, Hart

Schedule placed in “mark5” or “mark5=dualpol” subdirectories in ftp area listed above. Record either Rcp at frequencies listed in above table, or dual pol depending on what is feasable and available disk capacity for this experiment.

Please check carefully your BBC LOs are set to record frequencies listed above.

Ceduna, Parkes, Mopra, ATCA

Schedule placed in “lbadr” subdirectory in ftp area listed above.


Record only Rcp at frequencies with IFP#1 tuned to 22316 MHz, IFP#2 tuned to 22540 MHz


Record Mark5 in parallel on LBADR system (Rcp only for LBADR), using either internnal or removable disks. Please check you have disk capacity before the experiment.

Parkes, Mopra, ATCA

Record dual pol using Huygens cable setup

Disk logistics

Mark5 stations send diskpack directly to JIVE

Mopra, Parkes, ATCA: Leave disks in Xraid unit and mounted

Ceduna: Ship Xraid disks to Chris in Marsfield

Observing comments for each antenna:

Observing Logs

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