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The log from experiment v230a has been copied to:

Additional experiment notes:

The log has been transferred to the following site:

The log has now also been transferred to:

Hobart used the dual polarisation schedule for this experiment.

The 22 GHz receiver had not been previously used to record to Mark5 and consequently there was no .rxg receiver gain file in place. After the first few scans, when it was realised that system temperature measurements were not working, we generated kband.rxg file and terminated at 175-1224:45 then restarted FS, and restarted the schedule at 175-1225:16. System temperatures were logged correctly after this.

The data was recorded to both Mark 5 modules (RCP,LCP) and to the LBAHDR X-raid (RCP only). The disk packs used were:

Mark5. JIVE-002/960/1024 175-1200 to 175-2055

Mark5. CMVA-014/960/1024 175-2057 to 175-2359

LBAHD. HO1,1-7 X-raid set

The mark5 modules have been shipped to JIVE using DHL AWB# 1627505272

The X-raid set will remain at Hobart and is mounted in the recorder.

Observer: Cliff Senkbeil

2007.175.12:24:22.65;“Replacing RXG file with kband.rxg, to enable correct systemp logging

2007.175.12:26:51.90;” Tsys is now working from the current scan with new RXG file loaded. Thank Aidan.

2007.175.12:32:47.08;“weather: clear sky, freezing. 10km/h breeze N.

2007.175.13:39:49.88;”weather: light fog covering observatory



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