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X-raid disks Swin V002 AP1

The log from experiment v235a has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Additional experiment notes:

Observer: Jamie McCallum

Observer comments follow:

2007.174.03:06:13.86;“Disparity in system temperatures seems to be real.

2007.174.05:24:14.49;”Fringes to all antennas.

2007.174.06:01:50.41;“System Coherent

2007.174.06:03:05.97;”Weather is sunny, calm and clear .

2007.174.06:03:38.25;“DAS profile VSOP.PRO

2007.174.06:04:12.85;”LO is set to 836 MHz, coherence tone of 227.3.

2007.174.06:04:22.03;“Ahgilent set to 7.8 ghz.



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