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-Recorded to ATNF V012A as /data/xraid0_0 //\ +Recorded to ATNF V012A as /data/xraid0_0 \\ 
-Started recording 3 minutes late. //+The station PCFS log has been copied to: \\ 
-Experiment went OK. // \\ 
-Tsys data scaled correctly. //+ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.\\ 
-weather was overcast and foggy in the morning. //+Disks were shipped to Indra at Swinbyrne using Australian airExpress on Tuesday June 10th.\\ 
-Regards, //\+\
 +Started recording 3 minutes late. \
 +Experiment went OK. \
 +Tsys data scaled correctly. \
 +weather was overcast and foggy in the morning. \
 +Regards, \\
 Brett. Brett.
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