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Whoever observed for this experiment neeeds to specify the disk label here. BR.

On source 30 minutes late due to corrupt .skd file because of transfer method.

2008.157.17:51:48.63;“Initial problems with coherance due to incorrect SMX and SMY frequencies
2008.157.17:52:49.18;” Coherance issues solved at around 15:30
2008.157.17:54:32.37;“Recorder x-raid issues due to incorrrect DAS cable connection… resolved 15:58
2008.157.17:55:06.68;”Unable to load procedure file, check showed no v209cho.prc file present
2008.157.17:55:53.04;“ Attempt to drudg v209c failed as v209c.skd file was corrupt
2008.157.17:56:33.11;”New v209c file obtained from ftp, drudg, schedule started at line 70
2008.157.17:56:54.90;“Hobart fully running at ~16:30 UT
2008.157.17:59:37.28;”System temperature readings will need to be scaled
2008.157.23:33:47.09;“Tsys determined from bruce scan to be ~ 506 Jy restarting recording as SELENE ppl havn't shown.
2008.157.23:43:38.11;”Hobart observingv209c until 158/0030 for changeover to Selene
2008.157.23:48:15.87;“CAL is triggering and attenuators incrementing. Not sure why the systemp command is giving off answers
2008.157.23:51:04.55;”SLD levels are down a fair bit, more so for the second IF
2008.157.23:51:23.51;“2nd IF is also visbily varying - RFI?
2008.157.23:55:27.65;”Selene tone generator is still on and only now terminated
2008.158.00:29:18.30;“Finishing now to switch to SELENE

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