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Record RCP only with the HEMT S-band receiver.

Record on one set of 7 x 500 GB disks (please note which set).

Use “channels 1 - 4” in disko

Data recorded to ATNF-V010/A1-A7 mounted as /data/xrid1

11:01:30 On source (J1826-36)

13:00:00 Reduced 2 dB att to top up level

15:13:00 Started missing sources due to high elevation - az can't keep up

15:46:34 On point for some of scheduled time for points 121, 123, 125

16:11:35 OPR Elevation ~80 degrees… achieving most of the allocated time for sources from no. 126 onwards

19:25:00 Observing terminated to release the 70m to the next tracking pass

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