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v250a Setup:

Description The AGN-SB connection in COLA galaxies
Antennas Pa-At
Start 159 03:00:00
Stop 159 08:00:00
PI Ray Norris
Channel 1 DAS #1 IFP#1 1368 - 1432 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 DAS #1 IFP#2 1368 - 1432 MHz USB LCP
Channel 3 DAS #2 IFP#1 1432 - 1496 MHz USB RCP
Channel 4 DAS #2 IFP#2 1432 - 1496 MHz USB LCP
DAS 1 Skyfreq 1400 MHz
DAS 2 Skyfreq 1464 MHz
Bandwidth 64 MHz
DAS Mode 64MHz_[nf].pro (telescope)



Install BG3 cables on BOTH DAS. Start with VC056 schedule and when fringes are found, switch to main schedule. Check appropriate profile to use at Parkes.

Running eVLBI

Run the eVLBI from the vnc session vulcan:1 (normal password).

This will have to be split as two separate correlations. Connect the recorders in the following way

Experiment needs to be split over both halves of CPSR2 cluster, using the following setup

Telescope DAS Recorder Pam Host Port TCP window
Parkes DAS1 pkvsi1 pam1 52100 64
Parkes DAS2 pkvsi2 pam3 52100 64
ATCA DAS1 cavsi1 pam2-ext2 52101 450
ATCA DAS2 cavsi2 pam4 52101 1300

Run the correlator with

> ./ > ./

( and for vc056)

The recorders must be started after the correlator (within 30sec). The following is suggested:

Parkes DAS1 (pkvsi1)

vsib_record -p 52100 -H pam1 -m2 -f 1s -o “Parkes-DAS1” -t 12h

Parkes DAS2 (pkvsi2)

vsib_record -p 52100 -H pam3 -m2 -f 1s -o “Parkes-DAS2” -t 12h

ATCA DAS1 (cavsi1)

vsib_record -p 52101 -H pam2-ext2 -W 450 -m2 -f 1s -o “ATCA-DAS1” -t 12h

ATCA DAS2 (cavsi2)

vsib_record -p 52101 -H pam4 -W 1300 -m2 -f 1s -o “ATCA-DAS2” -t 12h

Observing comments for each antenna:


Observing Logs

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