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Recorded to ATNF V006A as data/xraid0_0 \
Changed to ATNF V006A as data/xraid0_1 at around 1200 UT \
The station PCFS log has been copied to: \ \
ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.\
Disks were shipped to Indra at Swinburne using Australian airExpress on Tuesday June 10th.\
We missed the first half hour of the experiment while doing work on the dish surface.\
There were some periods when the cal was playing up and during these periods the Tsys measurements were incorrect. This problem was fixed around 1600 UT.\
Warwick Wilson reports that there was change in the maser's rate for the last 4 hours of this experiment. He says: \
“20:00 UT on June 9 to 05:00 UT on June 10.\ This appears to be roughly the time during which the rate flattened out,\ before resuming its customary rise.”\

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