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Recorded experiment to ATNF V007, first 12 hours on first partition, second 12 hours on second partition.

The station PCFS log has been copied to:
ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Used DAS profile VSOP.PRO

Had Agilent set at 14.0 GHz, SMY at 777 MHz, saw coherence at 841.4 MHz and 843.0 MHz as expected (although needed large power from oscillators to see 10th harmonic)

At beginning of experiment, tested systemp FS procedure with success, but in the morning of the 10th June (EST), noticed that too much attenuation was on programmable attenuators, meaning systemp was not being determined properly. It is unknown when this occurred exactly, but systemps after about 8am (EST) are correct.

Observers were Jamie Stevens and Anita Titmarsh

It looks like 1520 - 2157 UT is the period when the systemps were wrong due to high attenuator setting mentioned above. BR.

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