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Recorded data to SWIN V003, partition 2, mounted as /data/xraid0_1. Fringe checks indicate set up ok.
The station PCFS log has been copied to:
ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

2008.159.21:57:14.40;“Using agilent at 14 ghz, fixed local oscillator of 5.2 GHz for effective first LO of 8.8 GHz
2008.159.21:57:18.64;”Second LO (SMY) set to 777 MHz to set centre frequency 0f 8245
2008.159.21:57:22.92;“Coherence tone of 841.4 works
2008.159.21:57:27.20;”DAS profile is VSOP_PRO.HO
2008.159.21:57:31.96;“CAL heights / Systemps confirmed with scans on Virgo earlier
2008.160.00:03:27.95;”Wather conditions are good - cold and clear with only light winds.
2008.160.03:49:09.02;“Weather is warm & clear with light winds.
2008.160.05:26:02.93;”end ofschedule
2008.160.05:26:08.02;“stopping recording
2008.160.05:26:19.78;”no problems noted

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