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 +Recorded to atnf v013a as /​data/​xraid/​1_0 \\
 +30% space remaining on this partition \\
 +The station PCFS log has been copied to: \\​pub/​people/​vlbi/​incoming/​ \\
 +ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.\\
 +Disks were shipped to Indra at Swinbyrne using Australian airExpress on Tuesday June 10th.\\
 +Started recorder 2 mins late \\
 +2008.159.01:​54:​29.54;"​weather clear \\
 +Loose connection in LHC front end discovered after the experiment. Power levels were up and down for this channel throughout this experiment. \\
 +Regards, \\
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