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 +Hobart using cooled L-band. \\
 +Observers : Simon, Jamie Mc \\
 +Agilent at 4.1 GHz \\
 +SMY at 852 MHz \\
 +DAS profile 64MHZ_N.PRO
 +Hybrid setup by Brett/Eric. \\
 +There appears to be rapid low-level instability on the first DAS channel.  This isn't preventing fringes and probably will have little effect for VLBI. \\
 +eVLBI, so no disks \\
 +System temperature measurements from approximately 23:30.  Looks like the noise diode scaling factors are out and will have to be checked.  System temperatures should be around 450-500 Jy, value being recorded for IF#2 is > 1000 Jy, possibly related to RFI. \\
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