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DAS Profile

Block0 ATT 2,0 dBm, DAS level IF1 marginal IF2 below threshhold

DSS-34 (34m) X-band RCP→ LNA1 (Hemt)

2ndLO IF1 485 MHz, IF2 517 MHz

Recording to ATNF-V011_B1-B7 mounted as /data/xraid0/

Recording RCP only for 4ch

12:05:16 DSS-34 is on point. Recorded about 1 minute for 1921-293.

12:05:57 fringe confirmed after manipulation with vex file by Jami M.

Correlator, please consult him. Below is extraction of Skype sled.

[15/06/13 11:05:49 PM] Tasso Tzioumis: which part? the Vex file? would it match what Tid is actually recording? or you want to try the rtfc yourself?

[15/06/13 11:06:09 PM] Jamie McCallum: Hang on. I'm looking at the Vex file Ok, in the the def lba3cm-2p-4IF; section can you change the lines ref $BBC = 8BBCs#02:Ti;

Actually remove that line and add “:Ti” to the “ref $BBC = 4BBCs:Ak:Cd;” line so it reads ref $BBC = 4BBCs:Ak:Cd:Ti;

Remove “:Ti” from ref $TRACKS = LBA_.8Ch2bit1to1:At:Mp:Pa:Ti; and add “:Ti” to ref $TRACKS = LBA_.4Ch2bit1to1:Cd:Ho; and I think that will do it ok.. I will try to start gain with those changes… it may take me a little while to sort out…

[15/06/13 11:16:13 PM] Tasso Tzioumis: Jamie, what about the ref $FREQ section? Tid is defined as 8 channels tehre as well…

[15/06/13 11:16:51 PM] Jamie McCallum: Ok.Ah, right So, remove :Ti from ref $FREQ = 8409.00MHz8x16MHz:At:Mp:Pa:Ti; and add :Ti to ref $FREQ = 8409.00MHz4x16MHz:Cd:Ho;

[15/06/13 11:17:26 PM] Jamie McCallum: Sorry, missed that.

[15/06/13 11:25:43 PM] Tasso Tzioumis: Tid fringes!!!

[15/06/13 11:26:03 PM] Tasso Tzioumis: In the cros pols but that's ok… it can be fixed later.

18:01:00 Stow DSS-34

Note: 28 June 2013 04:00 UT gpf-fmt 0.2 microsec

Note addedd on 20 September 2013 - Tsys file for DSS-34 has been uploaded to incoming ftp directory. However the file contains tsys information after the experiment. I am afraid I misses relavant tsys information for this experiment.

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