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Using S/X receiver, mark4 rack and Mark5A recorder

Diskpack is HAY-0050

Fringe check worked ok

During fringecheck at 11:30, Hobart exported incorrectly timestamped data. Examination of scan_check output shows a small number of skipped bytes. Also, disk activity is abnormal, suggesting a bad diskpack.

Actually, data was exported - hovsi NFS drive was not mounted. Files were successfully correlated after correcting this.

Drive error from ~2100-0300

At 12:20, started recording with LBADR supplied from S/X


Channel 1 = S

Channel 2 = X

SML01/02 = 947/807 MHz (for Sky centre frequencies of 2225 & 8425 MHz

Recording to ATNF V008B

Should correspond to lower two frequency channels of both S- and X-band

Wrong S-band freq set until ~15:15 (set to 847 instead of 947)

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