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DSS-43 (Tid 70m)

X-Band RCP-LNA1-D/C1 (DCC-2) and D/C2 (DCC-6)

DPLXR retracted, pointing model 3xpsw.ac2

Used configured with Linux DAS Controller newly installed on tidvis

Recorded to /data/xraid0 for ATNF-V011B disks

DOY 154

17:19:00 70m on point

17:25:31 On source 2059-786

17:25:35 Slew to next source

17:27:59 On source 1448-648

17:28:03 Slew to next source

17:34:18 On source 2210-481

17:35:46 Slew to next

18:04:20-18:08:20 Tsys jumped to 80 K from around 20 K for previous sources. Elevation has been around 40 deg in the last 3 sources including this and next 2 sources. Could it be source 1618-499 flaring??? [Note added later: this appears to be a HII region G333.6-00.2, so perhaps just strong f.f. emission. No VLBI fringe is expected to detect.]

22:40:00 stow antenna

Correlator Note: Recorded data were inverted (and channels swapped). Fixed prior to correlation with Chris Phillips' band_invert program (on galaxy) (and channels swapped in vex). HEB 5/9/2014.

SH's note on 3 December 2014: tsys file and weather info file have been uploaded. No flag table is available.

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