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 +Agilent : 4.1 GHz \\
 +SML01/01 : 602/602 MHz \\
 +DAS Profile : VSOP_HO.PRO\\
 +Recording to Disk: CURT V007A \\
 +Hobart had problems with its L-band receiver prior to this experiment.  Its likely that the signal level at Hobart will change in amplitude as the receiver cools and that will mess up the polarisation purity and it also means that the system temperature measurement is pretty stuffed.  So overall I'm not sure that the data from Hobart will be useful for this experiment, but we will recorded it and see what happens.\\
 +Hobart onsource from about 07:34 UT 
 +**Correlator comment** (HEB 26/08/2014): Hobart data look reasonably OK from pipeline plots.
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