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 ==== Comments: ==== ==== Comments: ====
 +The purpose of these observations is to obtain an epoch of proper motion/parallax for four groups of maser sources (G269.456/G269.658) ; (G294.990/G298.262) ; (G326.475/G328.81) ; (G345.01/G345.00)
 +Maser emission at approx. 6666.63 (G269.456), 6667.51 (G269.658), 6668.27 (G294.990), 6668.67 (G298.262), 6669.12 (G326.475), 6669.27 (G328.81), 6668.26 (G345.01), 6668.99 (G345.00).
 +During the ICRF runs we have sometimes had to exclude certain antennas from observations of some sources in order to get a good spread of azimuths and elevations. Observing comments for each antenna:
 +=== Hobart, Ceduna ===
 +The level into IF#1 will change significantly between the two setups. Set the level into the DAS so that it is within range for both setups. Setup the system temperature measurement so that it works for both IFs for the v255ab.5cm setup. Please don't change the attenuation into the DAS when the setup changes as that may change the delay.
 +=== ATCA: ===
 +For the ATCA please phase-up antennas CA01 through CA05 for this experiment.
 ==== Observing comments for each antenna: ==== ==== Observing comments for each antenna: ====
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