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Ww - are are having a bad time weather wise here. Looks like it has affected things at the antenna. The Az motor tripped out and we have lost the wind speed indicator.

[11:35:15 p.m.] Stuart Weston: Ww - I have the antenna working again. I am not sure at what time the Az motor tripped out ?

11:30 NZST had to stop and restart FS, also had to do a fmset on mk5-gps. We have sync-err gt 3 on fmset.

11:38pm NZST It has been saying “SLEWING” for a while and not “TRACKING”. I have only just checked the antenna controler to see why that was. Well with the Az motor tripped out it was never getting to source :( Sorry for that but we have a big front moving through.

Checking monica I would say Az tripped about 17:04 NZST

Correlator Note
Please give times in UT!

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