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 Weather: Pressure dropping fast, v.heavy rain and windy 40km/h plus. Weather: Pressure dropping fast, v.heavy rain and windy 40km/h plus.
 +I confirm VEX PI Revision 2.0 was drudged and loaded
 +fmout-gps 3.363E-05
 +It starts to move as per the schudule, but the record on/off seems a bit out. Like now for No0031, still slewing and record started.
 +03:00 UTC Weather cleared, no rain and blue sky's.
 +Thats > 10TBytes of data, a lot of wasted recording. Antenna still slewing and a record=on is issued ! Takes a few more minutes to be on-source and tracking. So surplus data to etransfer that also doesn't need to be correlated :-(
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