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At Ceduna we were using a doubler on the output of the Agilent to convert 10.5 GHz LO to 21.0 GHz. Not clear what the phase noise output of this will be like
We were able to detect sources (both Venus and 3C279) with the system, but unable to get coherence detected with a tone through the LBADAS or fringes on the fringe check observations.
From the scans it looked like the second polarization was performing better
We tested for fringes using both the DBBC/mark5 and LBADAS systems, neither were successful
Recorded data with both Mark 5 and LBADAS systems
Pointing at Ceduna for this session was poor and that, combined with reduced sensitivity at this non-standard frequency may have played a role in the lack of fringes during the checks.
At end of experiment xraid disk 5 was red (CURT V008B)

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