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v181e Setup:

Antennas At-Mp-Pa-Ho-Cd-Ti
Start 70 20:30:00
Stop 71 08:30:00
PI Emil Lenc
Channel 1 2252 - 2268 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 2268 - 2284 MHz USB RCP
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder S2
S2 mode 32×4-2
DAS Mode
Tape change 71 02:27:00
First source 1921-293 19:24:51.06 -29:14:30.1 J2000.0



  1. Due to most telescopes having problems during the first 20 minute recording for correlator comparison, this will be repeated after the tape change at 02:30. The 20 minute window is from 02:30 to 02:50 UT, day 71. To set this up, STOP the recorder prior to the tape change, in Disko select appropriate drives and experiment v181e, “channels 1,2”, ENSURE no instances of are running and set start time to 02:30:00 on day 71 and record duration 20 minutes. IF THE ONGOING FRINGE CHECKS WERE RUNNING IN A DIRECTORY CALLED V181E, PLEASE ENSURE THIS CORRELATOR COMPARISON DATA IS RECORDED TO A DIFFERENT DIRECTORY AND NOT DELETED!!! Any questions, please call Narrabri on 02 6790 4031.
    • Tid data is in - JEJL
  1. Record first 20 minutes to disk using channels 1,2 in disko (same setup as for fringe-check) into a directory named v181e.
  1. ATCA and Mopra telescope schedules in place on leon and mopra;
  2. Parkes psn schedule on ftp site;
  3. Hobart, Ceduna, Tidbinbilla VEX file on ftp site;
  4. PCFS schedules in place on v1ca, v1mop, and v1pks
  1. Setup at ATCA (check all this Emil)
  • PCFS schedule running (tapes roll at ~20:27)
  • CATIE has antennas 2 and 3 (45 m sep.) and RCP. Reference ant ca01 (w104)
  • S2 mode is correct
  • DAS mode is correct
  • CACAL done (automatic and interactive)
  • fringe-check schedule running (need to change to v181e schedule at 20:30)
  • tied array log started
  • disk recorders should roll at 19:30 (remember to record first 20 mins of v181e)
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