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v182a Setup:

Antennas Mp-Ho-Cd-Hh-At-Pa
Start 76 14:00:00
Stop 76 19:59:00
PI Richard Dodson
Channel 1 4808 - 4824 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 4808 - 4824 MHz USB LCP
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder S2
DAS Mode
S2 Mode 32a4-2
Buggary Cable out



Dayno 76: * 14-20 UT

  • Fringe finder : 0637-752/1921-29
  • PKS finishes ~ 16 UT, but is required for the final scan
  • HH misses the final scan

Fringe finders are at the start, and two at the end. (Parkes and Hart missing one of these each).

Repeat of VSOP experiment VS04U, if you care. A more interesting survey source than the usual. With V182B we will have spectral informatiom. With VS04U we will have evolution.

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