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v185b Setup:

Description High Angular Resolution Imaging of PKS 1421-490
Antennas At-Mp-Ho-Cd-Pa-Ti-Hh
Start 82 11:00:00
Stop 82 22:58:57
PI Leith Godfrey
Channel 1 2272 - 2288 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 2272 - 2288 MHz USB LCP
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder S2
DAS Mode (telescope)
S2 Mode 32a4-2
Swap Cable out
Tape Change 82 16:59:26



Swap cable should NOT be used (please check S2 rec_mode in v185b .prc file is set to 32a4-2).

Please run disk recorder in parallel for this experiment. Record channels 1&3.

  • All Stations:
    • There are some long slews in this experiment, and I have used dwell mode as it is a phase referencing experiment. This has caused a number of unwanted tape stop (“et”) commands to occur in the .snp files. Could each station please edit their .snp files to remove all occurences of the command “et” EXCEPT the one that occurs before the tape change, and the one at the end of the experiment.
    • Done at all 3 ATNF telescopes (AKT. 21/3/06)
  • ATCA Notes:
    • The ATCA time starts after the hour allocated for setup and fringe-checking, so please use the first part of the ATCA time for setting up. Parkes joins at 1130 UT, so please try to complete the setup before then. 1424-418, the phase-reference, is nice and bright and can be used for fringe-checking once the ATCA has started running the schedule.
    • Please record ATCA data using FULL_128-64 correlator config, with both bands CENTRED on 2280MHz
    • We would like to record linear polarizations in the 128MHz band, so please use expert mode in CACAL and insert the 90deg offset ONLY in the 2ND FREQ CHAIN.
    • 0823-500 can be used for CACAL.
    • Please finish early enough for a 10 min scan on 1934-638
    • Schedules done (AKT. 21/3/06). v185b.sch and v185b_cal.sch (relative time schedule includes 0823-500 (scan 1), 1934-638 (scan 2) and 0637-752 (scan3))
  • Hobart Notes:
    • Please use uncooled S-band receiver and record both RCP and LCP.
  • Hartebeesthoek Notes:
    • Please ship tapes to Sydney soon after the observation. If it is possible, it would be great if you could ship the tapes on Friday 24th or the following Monday (27th).
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