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v195a Setup:

Description Full polarization observations of OH in SFRs
Antennas At-Mp-Ho-Pa
Start 73 14:00:00
Stop 74 01:30:00
PI Indra Bains
Channel 1 IFP#1 1665 - 1669 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 IFP#2 1665 - 1669 MHz USB LCP
Sky Center Freq 1667 MHz
Bandwidth 4 MHz
Recorder Disk & S2
DAS Mode (telescope)
S2 Mode 8×4-2
SwapCable in
S2 Group Change 73 20:00:00



This is a disk based experiment. Do not delete the data!!!

Connect DAS to S2, VSIC to S2 via BG2 adapter

Swap cable must be installed

S2 tapes tapes should be recorded in parallel with disk

Record on /data/removable or /data/xraid as appropriate

Use RecordMode “Channel 1,2” in disko or (-c ooxx in vsib_record)

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