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vt07a1 Setup:

Antennas Pa-At-Mp-Ho-Cd
Start 68 02:00:00
Stop 68 06:00:00
PI Phillips
Channel 1 8393 - 8457 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 8393 - 8457 MHz USB LCP
Bandwidth 64 MHz
Recorder Disk
DAS Mode



Command files for ATCA and Mopra schedules are on ftp site. ATCA schedule in place on leon.

Parkes .psn schedule on ftp site.

This is a 512/1024 Mbps test. It requires the new improved BG3 cable to be plugged in to the DAS correlator output ports and connected to the VSIC.

Parkes/Narrabri need to record with two DAS. Please make sure you use different names for the files on each machine (using the experimentname field in disko or directly in vsib_record). Set the second DAS to centre frequency 8489 MHz.

Please use the first hour for local tests (fauto, vsib_checker etc). Please aim on being ready for coordinated observing at 03:00 UT.

Disko does not support 64 MHz. Set the “Record Mode” to “Other”, “Number of bits” to 16 and “Compression” to “xxxx”. The data rate *must* be 512 Mbps. If using vsib_record, you just need to set the mode to 2 (-m 2). E.g.

 vsib_record -m 2 -t 3h -s 2005-03-09T03:00:00 -o vt07a1_Pa1
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