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X-raid S1-7 then X-raid O1-7 after 081/0700

The log from experiment v190g has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Observers: Brett, Slava, Simon

Tsys calibration scan done by Jamie S. Channels 1 and 2 around 600 Jy.

2007.081.04:44:28.91;“sky freq 8425

2007.081.04:45:12.55;”bandwidth 16 MHz

2007.081.04:46:20.20;“receiver 6 X band, x,y,z= 79,239,12

2007.081.04:48:38.15;”agilent = 14 GHz

2007.081.04:48:54.97;“RX fixed LO = 5.2 GHz

2007.081.04:50:57.23;”IF to control room = 375 MHz

2007.081.04:51:24.85;“2nd LO is SMY 777 MHz

2007.081.04:52:18.83;”DAS Profile is

2007.081.04:54:17.21;“Using normal S2 recorder output from DAS to VSIC

2007.081.04:56:02.72;”coherence tone 841.4, 10th harmonic produces tone 5 MHz above LBE

2007.081.05:05:40.22;“just adjusted DAS levels by removing 2 dB attenuation from each IF

2007.081.05:08:28.24;”RCP to ch1

2007.081.05:18:50.66;“weather: clear sky and warm north breeze



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