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Observation Noted from Tidbinbilla

These observations are being made without the Master Equatorial, which is broken. Therefore pointing may not be very good at high frequencies like X-band. So the signal levels at Tid might be down a bit. We are seeing fringes though.

Time (UT) Comment

05:20:00      Recording started on /data/xraid0
05:43:00      Polarisations switched
05:49:00      Polarisations switched back again!
06:13         Until now, Tsys measurements in RCP channel were too high (measured at edge of band).
              Use the LCP Tsys numbers for the first ~hour for both, then revert to LCP and RCP.
              (These high values were due to wrong frequency set (8145 MHz) to measure Tsys, which was  
              corrected later to 8415 MHz on during the run to give proper values.)  
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