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Disks: Xraid set Z1-7 first half on /data/xraid1_0, second half on /data/xraid1_1

The log from experiment v190h has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Additional experiment notes:

Agilent 4.2GHz

RX atten 10dB

LCP only

DAS profile: VSOP_HO.PRO

IFP #1 LCP 1634 - 1666 MHz

IFP #2 LCP 1666 - 1869 MHz

Channel 1, IFP #1, LO 1634-1650 MHz, LCP, Coherence = 163.9MHz

Channel 2, IFP #1, HI 1650-1666 MHz, LCP, Coherence = 165.5MHz

Channel 3, IFP #2, LO 1666-1682 MHz, LCP, Coherence = 167.1MHz

Channel 4, IFP #2-HI 1682-1698 MHz, LCP, Coherence = 168.7MHz

2007.083.01:52:25.54;“Observer Claire Hotan

2007.083.01:52:46.20;”No hassles reported :-)

2007.083.02:24:27.04;“Disko is displaying the wrong UT (by 30 sec) and LST (by lots).

2007.083.02:28:11.64;”Weather: cool, southerly breeze 10km/hr, 70% cloud cover

2007.083.03:46:17.00;“PPS problem update: In the last half hour we got up to 3 in 100 PPS missed, but we're now back to 0. Chris suggested changing cables, but as the problem seems to have diminished for now I'm leaving it be, the other cable may not be wholly okay for data.

2007.083.03:53:27.39;”Weather: cool, winds southerly at 15km/hr, 80% low level cloud

2007.083.03:58:32.72;“Recording to disk set Z1-Z7, /data/xraid1_0

2007.083.04:11:08.93;”Disko change okay, but overshot the stop by a minute or so, new disk partition not started until just after 04:02.

2007.083.04:11:31.91;“Now recording to Z1-Z7 on /data/xraid1_1.

2007.083.04:11:39.63;”PPS currently fine

2007.083.04:28:31.52;“Currently suffering some nasty interference

2007.083.05:02:18.32;”Weather: cold, calm, 100% cloud cover at various levels

2007.083.05:02:37.00;“Just popping down to the airport, back soon!

2007.083.06:44:26.34;”Weather: cool, southerly breeze 5km/hr, clearing showers, 50% cloud

2007.083.10:08:15.46;“Weather: cold, calm, clear (at least in the East!)

2007.083.11:30:37.50;”Weather: cold, calm, clear, pretty stars



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