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xraid disks W8-14.\ \ Disk W8 was not included in the array as it had a problem.\ \ There was no problem during v215b using the same disks.\ \ Hopefully v215b data is recoverable.\ \ Last 10 minutes of this exeriment were wind stowed.\ \ Observers: Simon/Brett\ \ 2007.081.16:04:21.27;“DAS profile\ \ 2007.081.16:04:26.98;”Coherence from a tone injected at 842.2 MHz\ \ 2007.081.16:04:40.77;“Data being recorded to /data/xraid0_0 (xraids W8-14)\ \ 2007.081.16:04:45.71;”Agilent set to 14 GHz, SMY set to 777 MHz\ \ 2007.081.16:04:50.02;“DAS straight through to VSIC, bandwidth per channel 16 MHz, recording chans 1,3\ \ 2007.081.16:17:07.76;”Disk W8 in pack W8-14 is not operating. We seem to have enough space for the experiment though\ \ 2007.081.16:21:28.87;“Last Tsys effected by signal for coherence check\ \ 2007.081.23:51:34.59;”coherent\ \ 2007.081.23:54:30.25;“weather: warm, cloudy and calm\ \ 2007.082.01:58:50.99;”missing 5% of PPS signals.\ \ 2007.082.02:26:04.89;“disk W8 has been unhappy for this run.\ \ 2007.082.02:26:31.72;”weather: Wind is increasing.\ \ 2007.082.02:26:55.11;“weather: cloudy and warm\ \ 2007.082.03:34:01.65;”Wind is increasing\ \ 2007.082.03:51:05.11;“wind stow. That might be all from Ho for this experiment\ \ Regards,\ \ Brett

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