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X-raid disks P8-14 then BOB1-7 after 080/1500

The log from experiment v209a has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

sky freq 2285. BW 16 MHz

receiver 3. x,y,z = -216,-221,18

agilent 7.8 GHz, RX fixed LO 5.2 GHz

IF to control room 315 MHz

DAS recorder out goes to VSIC directly

Recorded channels 1 - 4 in disko

2nd LO, SMY 837 MHz

Tsys for channel 1 was about double expected.

Tsys for channel 2 was as expected, 850 Jy.

This calibration was performed by Jamie McCallum. Thanks Jamie.

2007.080.09:08:56.05;“Observer: Cliff Senkbeil

2007.080.09:09:46.14;”weather: No cloud cover, 20km/h S wind.

2007.080.15:01:31.32;“Now recording on second set of drives

2007.080.21:02:05.38;” Experiment ended, good day.



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