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X-Raid disks W8-14

The log from experiment v215b has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

GPS-maser offset measurements were not done. Maser leads GPS by about 11.2 microseconds throughout the experiment.

Observers: Minnie, Jamie S, Brett.

2007.079.23:09:13.73;“just changed a bad IF cable in Channel 1

2007.079.23:12:35.11;”system coherent

2007.079.23:15:14.67;“weather: clear sky

2007.079.23:16:46.76;”sky freq: 6669, 4 MHz wide

2007.079.23:16:59.07;“receiver 5

2007.079.23:17:17.29;”agilent 12.2 GHz

2007.079.23:17:46.25;“internal rx LO of 5.2 GHz

2007.079.23:18:41.41;”331 MHz IF to control room

2007.079.23:19:19.46;“2nd LO of 821 MHz, SMY

2007.079.23:20:08.50;”DAS profile MP4S_N

2007.079.23:21:24.20;“coherence tone 666.8 MHz, 10th harmonic produces tone 1 MHz above LBE

2007.079.23:22:18.42;” occasional 1sec offset on recorder data reported during fringe checks

2007.079.23:30:30.63;“currently recording on xraid W8 - W14

2007.080.01:19:20.28;”weather: clear sky



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