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xraid ho1_8 - ho1_14

The log from experiment vt10c1 has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Clock offsets and weateher readings were not done. Maser leads GPS buy about 11.2 microseconds

Observers: Brett and Jamie S

2007.080.05:42:57.23;“weather: clear sky.

2007.080.05:44:17.61;”recording to xraid ho1_8 - ho1_14

2007.080.05:57:11.18;“started experiment about 35 minutes late at 080/0535

2007.080.05:57:39.56;”sky freq 2285. BW 64 MHz

2007.080.05:58:28.98;“receiver 3. x,y,z = -216,-221,18

2007.080.05:59:06.85;”agilent 7.8 GHz, RX fixed LO 5.2 GHz

2007.080.05:59:26.01;“IF to control room 315 MHz

2007.080.06:00:02.77;”2nd LO, SMY 837 MHz

2007.080.06:01:00.18;“DAS profile

2007.080.06:01:19.66;”BG3 cable connected

2007.080.07:28:39.14;“stopped recording after a call from CP

2007.080.07:32:38.56;” now setting up next expt



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