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vt11c3 Setup:

Description eVLBI on Cir X-1
Antennas Pa-At-Mp-Ho
Start 83 16:00:00
Stop 83 19:50:00
PI Tasso Tzioumis
Channel 1 IFP#1-LO 1634 - 1650 MHz USB RCP
Channel 2 IFP#1-HI 1650 - 1666 MHz USB RCP
Channel 3 IFP#2-LO 1634 - 1650 MHz USB LCP
Channel 4 IFP#2-HI 1650 - 1666 MHz USB LCP
Skyfreq 1650.00 MHz
Bandwidth 16 MHz
Recorder eVLBI
DAS Mode (telescope)



This is an eVLBI experiment. No disks are needed!!!!

Connect DAS directly to VSIC

Running evlbi software

vsib_record must be run at by hand currently. Log onto each recorder as vlbi and run the command

> vsib_record -t 36000s -W <TCP WINDOW> -p <PORT> -H pkvsi2-ext -o <TELESCOPEID>
Telescope TCP Window (kB) Port ID
Parkes 5 52100 Pa
Mopra 512 52101 Mp
ATCA 512 52102 At


> vsib_record -t 36000s -W 512 -p 52102 -H pkvsi2-ext -o At

If Huygens cable is plugged in and you want the second DAS (eg ATCA), need to add -m 2 -c ox to get both bytes but drop one

If you need to drop the rate down to 128 Mbps add the option -c ooxx to get Rcp or -c xxoo for Lcp. If this is the case, the second DAS cannot be used (so the ATCA schedule must be changed to have 64 MHz into DAS1)

Running the correlator

On pkvsi2, go to /import/bd1/evlbi/tests/vt11c3/. Edit the .input file to have the correct start time (in the first table), and start the correlator with:

mpirun -p4pg p4pg.pkvsigateway /home/vlbi/evlbi/correlator/mpifxcorr/src/mpifxcorr /import/bd1/evlbi/tests/vt11c3/<input file name>

Wait for the startup messages to scroll through and stop - near the end there should be some saying “waiting for connection”. Once the correlator is waiting you can start the vsib_record processes at the observatories. The start time in the correlator input file should be after the time you get all these going.

If you want to add an extra antenna (eg hobart) to the array, you'll need to add an extra line to p4pg.pkvsigateway. Dupplicate the second line. For this instance you'll obviously also need a different correlator input file. Similarly, if for some reason we want to drop an antenna, remove the second line from p4pg.pkvsigateway.

Observing comments for each antenna:

Observing Logs

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