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09:25-09:30 UT lost at ATCA due to first attempt to get CA06 in the array.

09:48-10:10 CA06 would not CACAL. All data lost.

10:10-10:45 UT CA05 motor. Had to take CA05 out and cacal again on 0823-500

Tied 4 antennas only

10:48:30 back on source and tracking.

11:32UT another attempt to get CA06 & CA05. EARLY needed.

12:24 Good data on 0823-500 (for ATCA data cal.)

12:29UT Good data on main schedule.

Meanwhile PAMELA is running at 128 Mbps for all 3 antennas.

12:37UT Back to tying CA01-5.

22:17UT. Stopped eVLBI & Mopra. !0 mins on 1934-638 on ATCA.

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