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Succeeded in getting sustained correlation for 3x256Mbps and 4x128Mbps. Main rpfits files are (in /data/internal/evlbi/tests/vt11c/ on pkvsi2):

vt11c.3ant_256mbps.2nd.rpf (scan on 0537)

vt11c.4ant_128mbps.rpf (scan on 0537)

vt11c2.circ_x1.rpf (circ x1, Pa-At-Mp)

vt11c2.circ_x1_take2.rpf (circ x1, Pa-At-Mp)

vt11c2.circ_x1.4ant.rpf (circ x1, Pa-At-Mp-Ho)

vt11c2.circ_x1_take2.4ant.rpf (circ x1, Pa-At-Mp-Ho)

Best settings found for AT antennas only at 256 Mbps: 128 channels x 1250

Buffer factor 32, 8 data segments

Send: 5 kB for Pks, 512 kB for At and Mop

Best settings found for 4 antennas with Hobart @ 128 Mbps:

128 channels x 625

Buffer factor 256, 16 data segments

Send: 2kB for Pks, 300 kB for At and Mop, 512 kB for Hob

Hobart is getting a lot of PPS dropouts, which causes the correlator to crash

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