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recording to xraid disks SWIN V007A1-A7

The log from experiment v252d has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Initial scans on 1921-293 prior to this experiment to determine cal height in Jy. Used ATCA-measured flux of 13.4 Jy. Did try on Jupiter ~2h later but weather was much worse.

Polarisations were swapped due to “crossed” being selected at input to hybrid.

086/02:00:00 - 086/14:00:00 data recorded to SWIN_V007A_P1 Not good weather for K-band. Windy, raining, overcast. Antenna wind-stowed many times but settled down after ~08:00 086/14:02:20 started recording on second partition SWIN_V007A_P2

Agilent first LO 16.6 GHz

Sky freq 22316 MHz

IF to control room 516

direct/crossed switch in “crossed” position

IFs crossed into control room to compensate

SMY set to 636 MHz to move IF to 1152 into freq translator

DAS profile:

sml of 929.375 produces a harmonic tone at 22305 for testing coherence

observers: Jim Lovell and Brett Reid.

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