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Data recorded to SWIN V018-B1-7 partitions 0 & 1
The log from experiment v255a has been copied to:
ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Additional experiment notes:

Setup for this experiment:
Agilent 12.2 GHz, 16 dBm
SML/SMY set to 468 MHz and 809 MHz for IFP#1 & IFP#2 respectively
For dual polarization setup the 809 MHz used for both
RCP into IFP#1 and LCP into IFP#2
Using VSOP.PRO DAS profile

Observers: Simon from start, then Brett from 090/2230 till conclusion
Observer comments follow:
2008.090.09:31:11.43;“Receiver position changed from 215,63,17 to 221,63,17 (need x+3mm offset from nominal position)
2008.090.10:32:17.76;”Coherence check done about 60 seconds ago (duration about 60 seconds)
2008.090.15:04:13.93;“Changed setup to dual polarization 6657 MHz
2008.090.23:18:35.46;”mode change done. completed at 2317
2008.090.23:21:58.76;“coherence at 630.5 ch1 and 664.6 ch2
2008.090.23:23:22.18;”recording LCP only dual freq

Changed focus position from 215,63,17 to 221,63,17 (nominal 218,63,17). Problems with the focus platform not long before LBA run and since then it appears that need to have +3mm added to nominal x positions

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