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 +Data recorded to SWIN V018-B1-7 partitions 0 & 1\\
 +The log from experiment v255a has been copied to:\\\\
 +ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.\\
 +Additional experiment notes:\\
 +Setup for this experiment: \\
 +Agilent 12.2 GHz, 16 dBm\\
 +SML/SMY set to 468 MHz and 809 MHz for IFP#1 & IFP#2 respectively\\
 +For dual polarization setup the 809 MHz used for both\\
 +RCP into IFP#1 and LCP into IFP#2\\
 +Using VSOP.PRO DAS profile\\
 +Observers: Simon  from start, then Brett from 090/2230 till conclusion\\
 +Observer comments follow:\\
 +2008.090.09:31:11.43;"Receiver position changed from 215,63,17 to 221,63,17 (need x+3mm offset from nominal position)\\
 +2008.090.10:32:17.76;"Coherence check done about 60 seconds ago (duration about 60 seconds)\\
 +2008.090.15:04:13.93;"Changed setup to dual polarization 6657 MHz\\
 +2008.090.23:18:35.46;"mode change done. completed at 2317\\
 +2008.090.23:21:58.76;"coherence at 630.5 ch1 and 664.6 ch2\\
 +2008.090.23:23:22.18;"recording LCP only dual freq\\
 +Changed focus position from 215,63,17 to 221,63,17 (nominal 218,63,17).
 +Problems with the focus platform not long before LBA run and since then it appears that need to have +3mm added to nominal x positions
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