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Recording to SWIN V013-B as /data/xraid1_0

The log from experiment v277a has been copied to:

ANTAB and UVFLG files have been copied to the same place.

Disk cleaner was accidentally set loose on the data directory, leading to the loss of ~ one third of the files from the first hour and 11 minutes of the experiment. The deleted files appear to have been picked at random, leading to a large number of gaps. Only data recorded between 1156 and 1311 was affected.

Observers: Jamie McCallum and Brett Reid.

PCFS log comments follow:

2008.087.15:17:58.84;“Lost three minutes of data between 151410-151710 due to operator error.

2008.087.15:20:24.21;”Hit stop on the recorder when trying to stop the disk cleaner.


2008.087.15:21:22.40;”Weather is cold, calm and thinly overcast.

2008.087.15:21:42.98;“System coherent

2008.087.15:22:16.14;”Clocks correct

2008.087.18:26:16.89;“System coherent

2008.087.18:30:14.91;”Weather is cold, calm and thinly overcast.

2008.087.19:23:24.03;“Drives had turned themselves off during slew. Missed scan

2008.087.22:20:19.48;”Recording to SWIN V013-B

2008.087.22:50:52.75;“Weather is cool and clear with light breeze.



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